Sienna Miller – the Factory Girl

The British-American actress Sienna Miller played the Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick (see related post) in a movie about her short life from 2006. I wonder why Hollywood always has to find talented British actors to play American icons like Sedgwick. Katie Holmes was set to do the role, but due to Wikipedia she was convinced by her husband (Tom Cruise), that it would be bad for her image (how American). So they brought in a fresh European girl, and beautiful Sienna Miller does a great job as Edie Sedgwick.

There was some controversy around the movie of course. Bob Dylan threatened to sue, saying through his lawyers that the movie is going far insinuated his responsibility in Sedgwicks drug abuse, and Lou Reed was critical to the movie. He said that the script was disgusting and there was no limit in how low some would go to write something to make money.  And there were also rumors that the one of the sex scenes between Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen was for real and not simulated. This has not been verified, but what we know is that rumors like that, gives the movie the best publicity possible.     Source: Wikipedia