Ligeia Wanda

It’s about time we write a post about a model from France in here. Ligeia Wanda is 19 years old and from Rennes in Bretagne. Beautiful Ligeia studies fine art in Rennes, and she is a part time model. She loves to create personal and pleasant photos that reveal her taste, culture, universe or way of thinking. Feminism is important, and she loves to use her body in the art, and play on the relation between eroticism and women – and use of symbols like high heels and corsets.

She enjoys the preparation before a shoot like the make-up, clothing and finding the right atmosphere – it allows something more esthetic and artistic. Ligeia prefer fetish outfits, because she feels pleasure wearing this kind of texture. It emphasis curves and create some reflects of lights.

Ligeia loves Paris. The beautiful city with the vibrant street life, monuments and history is amazing, and it suits an open minded girl like Ligeia with her alternative style a lot better, then her hometown Rennes with more narrow minded and conventional population. But she recommends Rennes for a visit, to see a traditional French town with a combination of medieval streets and more modern buildings.

Source: Ligeia Wanda