Tenashar broke up from a pleasant job as a broker in the financial world in Singapore, to follow her passion for photography and modeling. She is a creative and skilled photographer, and a professional and very beautiful model.

Born and brought up in Singapore by a Euro-Asian father and a Chinese mother, but has lived the last years in Europe (Spain). Recently she returned to Singapore to work as a full time model in Asia.

Her international background has made her multi-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, Mandarin and basic Italian.

Her aim is always to try and create great photos – in front or behind the camera. She works hard to develop as a freelance photographer and catching the moments, the people, the lights and the colors. As a model she hopes to work with other creative artists and cooperate to exciting projects.

She is definitely a top class model, and her mixed ethnic heritage makes her a very beautiful woman. Read more about the sensual and elegant Tenashar at Tenashar.Com