Eurovision 2011: Tatiana Ilescu

If you watched the Eurovision Song contest 2011 from Dusseldorf last Saturday, I’m sure that you remember the fresh and different contribution from Moldova. The band’s name is Zdob şi Zdub and together with the musicians, there were this beautiful smiling girl in white balancing around the stage on a unicycle. The band was looking for a girl that could do this act for them, and a friend of her told the band about her.

Tatiana Ilescu is 21 years old and from the Moldovan capital Chisinau, and there is more to this nice girl than a balance talent.  She speaks 5 different languages (Romanian, Russian, Italian, French and English), and she is a student at the university to become a teacher in French or Italian.

Beside her studies – she is working as a balance artist with rehearsals every day – together with exams, studies and shows. Tatiana is certainly a busy and talented girl.

Being in the Eurovision Song Contest was a “crazy circus”. The same about their act, but she liked a lot to be a part of it. She’s happy when she is on stage, and can give positive energy and her pretty smile to the crowd. Making millions of viewers in front of the television and in the arena happy and glad with their crazy act, was for her a great success and experience. She will like to participate in the Eurovision again, if she gets the opportunity.

She have never tried professional modeling, but she like to be in front of a camera, so she will maybe try it if some photographer is interested to have her as a model.

Tatiana says she is I positive girl in general, and she takes this with her on every show she does. I’m sure some coming pupils of Italian or French will get a fantastic teacher – with lots of talents.  I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we have seen of the smiling beauty from Moldova on her unicycle.                             Tatianas Facebook Profile

Photos: – and here is a Tatiana in some of her circus acts: