Playboy Club back in London

The last time the Londoners saw Playboy Club sign in to their city was back in 1966. The club managed to stay alive in 15 years in Park Lane, before they had to close down. Now – 30 years later – Hugh Hefner is back in business in London.

And as usual, the opening of a Playboy Club stirs controversy and 100 members of the feminist groups UK Feminista and Object protested against the club in Mayfair. The usual comments from the groups about “exploitation of women” and “degradation of women” were delivered on auto pilot. Hefner (85) himself stated that the protest was lame, and that Playboy was a mild in their form in sexism, compared to other things in our digitalized society.

It’s freedom of speech for everyone in our democracies. I won’t be a hypocrite in this matter, and a reopening of Playboy Club in London it’s alright for me (surprise). There is more important thing in the world to speak out about than this.

Source: Daily Mail, the Guardian, Metro UK   Photo: Alamy , Stella Pictures