This is the very cute and beautiful Shiela from Baguio City, Philippines. Shiela is 22 years old and a very creative model. She just loves to take pictures and wear costumes, and she hopes she can get the chance to get some model experience some day. I hope she will get that opportunity soon, and that we’ll see more photos of this Philippine beauty.

Shiela is studying psychology and working as a part time English teacher (for mostly Korean students). She loves music and listens to metal, pop, r&b and visual kei. Shiela loves shopping and bar hopping with friends, and always open for new things and visit new places. She is a fan of anime movies and reading manga and many of her costume ideas is inspired from this. It easy to see that Shiela has a lot of fun taking pictures in her cute costumes – doing her make-up, hair and outfit all by herself. See more of Shiela at her model profile here .