Arrah Jamili

Do you know where Cebu City is? No? Cebu is an island in the Central Visayas in the Philippines. It’s that long and narrow island – in the center of the Philippine Islands. Cebu City is the islands capitol, the second largest city in the country with an international airport, beaches and known as the oldest settlement established by the Spaniards in the country.

Among the population on approximately 820 000 comes this beautiful girl. Arrah is an experienced free-lance model, and she can travel anywhere – as long as expenses will be covered of course. Arrah can also be a make-up artist and stylist besides modeling. See Arrahs modelprofile and profile at Facebook.

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Photos: Alex Fillippides (1 – 2), Gilo (3 – 8), Julio Diaz Cohen (9 – 12)