Monica Loren

Monica Loren is a beautiful model from Long Island, USA. She is exotic and colorful, and her photos have many links back in time to vintage and retro style. I let Monica describe herself:

I always felt like an old soul. I love Vintage, Classic Hollywood, Glamour, Film Noir, history, museums, Art and Pin-Up Culture .Don’t get me wrong, I do like some modern things but there’s a sexy sassy sophistication and mystery that seems to have gotten so lost in our digital age, and if history isn’t kept alive will slip away into the background to disappear behind the drone of computers, electronics and technology.
I enjoy action films, comics and graphic novels; I’ll ride the rollercoaster in the front car, and jump on a motorcycle. I dare to dream, take risks and attempt to achieve the impossible. Human and animal rights are important to me. I believe that your soul and inner voice guide you, if you make a point to listen. I applaud and have great respect for those who are brave enough to just be themselves, regardless of “ society “. My diverse taste in music and culture enriches my life and my passion for living inspires me to be my best. If the” real” world reflected what was going on in my imagination, it would be a Technicolor Fantasy…… I believe that everything in life needs to have significance and meaning or else there’s no point to it. Your intentions direct you down the road of life.


Monica Loren is an Exotic Doll from Amityville LI, with roots in Suriname South America. Like a Five Alarm Fire she blazed on to the scene in 2010 and has been turning heads with her flamboyant, unique & diverse style. Monica’s features and interviews can be found on the web. She is always on the lookout for creative collaborations. Ms. Loren is in photography books, Pin-Up publications, has graced the runway for fashion designers, been a canvas for a body painter and appeared on TV, film and video. This doll is just getting started.

“Creative and outgoing… Monica is on the move and is taking no prisoners. Her interesting blend of classic vintage infused with an Edgy Fetish Twist results in visual treats full of color, attitude and sexiness.” -Pin-Up

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Photos: Bombshell Pin-Ups, Robert Ordonez, Viva Van Story, Candylust, Glynnis Jones