Mala Mastroberte

Beautiful Mala Mastroberte is an exciting model, photographer and artist. She is originally Polish – born and raised, but have lived in New York the last 11 years. Mala is not a professional model, but I think we can conclude that her work is very advanced as a hobby project. She has an ordinary full time job in an office.

Mala is a self-taught photographer and most of her photos are self-portraits. She is her own photographer, model, stylist and editor. That should give her all the control of her work, and I think she gets amazing results.

Mala says that the key factor of making this great art is passion for your work. She uses ordinary equipment and it is a huge challenge to make the photos as good, as if they were taken with cameras and equipment 10 times more expensive. She proves that this is possible – but there is a lot of work behind it.

Mala has a genuine interest for everything historic. It strikes that coming from Poland, a country that has been in the center of so many historical events the last 100 years or so, maybe has some influence on her historical interest; “I have a passion for anything historic, vintage, dusty and moldy, especially vintage magazines and paperbacks, with illustrated covers, so I started recreating them about 5 years ago. Hopefully I have gotten better at this, but still it remains “only” my passion. I still need a full time job to pay my bills and support my hobby”.

This is just a selection of Malas artistic photos. See also her amazing recreation of Vintage paperbacks and magazine illustrated covers. This blog is now definitely a fan of Mala Mastroberte.

See Malas website Malaland and her Flickr Photos.