Gillian Chung

This is the beautiful singer and actress Gillian Chung from Hong Kong, China. Gillian is 31 years old this year, and had her breakthrough as one half of a singer duo called Twins. Gillian has also done several movies and TV films. Gillian was one of the young female Hong Kong stars that was involved in the Edison Chen Photo Scandal. This scandal got so huge, that the involved persons had to apologize in public, and the conservative Hong Kong was shocked by the private explicit photos that leaked out.

Gillian Chung was out of the entertainment industri for over a year following the scandal, and she later confessed that she had contemplated suicide. In March 2010 she released her solo album, and it seems as Hong Kong finally have forgiven Gillian.

These photos is from the scandal pictures. But these are not of the explicit ones, and I think the photos is nice and sensual. If they had stop with these photos, I don’t think it been scandalous at all. And Gillian Chung is definately a very beautiful woman.