Belle Hernandez

This slender and elegant beauty is Belle Hernandez. Belle is 41 years old and a mother of four. She is from the Philippines but has moved to Macau – which is her base right now. Belle is cancer survivor and a registered nurse of profession – but she has been devoted to the modeling work the last years. She also makes jewelries like necklaces made by precious and semi-precious stones. As a comment to her own life and career, Belle says “I think we start to live when we let go of our fears and inhibitions.”

Belle has an impressive portfolio. She looks like a high class model, and she is a real international artist – working in Asia, Europe and Australia. You can see more of sensual Belle and contact her through her model profile here.

Andrew Mack Photography (01) oz newcombe (02), St.Paul Reodique (03, 04), Romeo M Angeles (05), Dario Tibay (06), Warren Horner (07), Patrick Willocq (09, 12)