Here is beautiful Gunny – born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Gunny is a freelance model, and she has a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts major South-east Asia Study. She started modeling during and right after she finished her studies, but she felt that she was too young then and worked in an office for a while. Later she returned to modeling, and now realized that this was something she likes to do. Today she works as a model on full time.  Gunny is 26 years old, and she would love to keep on modeling until she is 80. I’m sure she will still be beautiful in that age. You can see more of Gunny and contact her for model shoots at her Facebook page or at her profile on Model Mayhem.

Photos: Mogens Christensen (01 – 06), Benoit Cotte (07), Doc Bond (08, 09, 11), Shiva Prasad (10)