This beautiful girl from Tananger (near Stavanger) in Norway got some attention on online newspapers last week. Cecilie Fjelde Nilsen and a photographer  was on a photo shoot  at a salmon river (Suldalslågen),  when she was challenged by the photographer have the photo shoot in front of a live camera that is mounted on the spot. The camera sends images 24 hours a day from the salmon paradise, and several lucky fishing enthusiasts (men?) got a pleasant surprise, when they clicked in to the live camera – in just the right moment. This story and clip became a hit, and it soon reached the largest online newspapers. And then became beautiful Cecilie a summer celebrity in Norway this year.
Cecilie is pretty relaxed about the attention; “I wouldn’t call myself a summer celebrity. This was just a fun bet (over a crate of beer) that turned in to a news story. By all means – I think it’s just incredibly fun. But I’m the same girl from Tananger – living my normal life with friends and family, so it has not changed anything.”
Cecilie (19) takes modeling jobs as well as she is a blogger for MTV. You can see more of Cecilia on her blog on MTV or her model page on Facebook.  Photos: Scandi-Girl.Com