Alys the Ballerina

Well-trained and elegant ballerinas are some of the finest motives a photographer can work with. The Ballerina Project is a website that deals with exactly this; Taking photos of some beautiful and posing ballerinas – out in the cityscape around the world – primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

Alys Shee is one of those beautiful ballet dancers, who is modeling for this project.  Alys is 18 years old, from Toronto Canada, and she already has a long track record in ballet. A great talent – who has won several international awards and performed in several major productions around the world.

Alys says that she is travelling all the time, but she is based in the UK today with the Birmingham Royal ballet. She is definitely an artist we will hear more about in the future.

Kilder: Alys Facebook Page

Photos: Ballerina Project (01, 08), Marc J Haegman (02), Aleksandar Antonijevic (03, 04), Stanislav Belyaevsky (07)