Symba Meszaros

This is Symba Meszaros. Symba is originally Hungarian, but today she is living in Milan, Italy. Symba is a sexy painter (sexy pittrice) – and you can see some of her work in her website . She is an experienced model, and she has been travelling round in Europe – modeling for thousands of photographer and events – for many years. She is still young – 32 – and she is ready to share with her experience and beauty to photographer – especially in Italy.

Symba has also created her own special art and performance. She tells me:  “I do my live performance with my painting. I thought I unite the strip dance with the art and then was my live performance born. It is an erotic and pornographic painting performance. It means that I paint two persons who are making love. I’m naked when I’m painting, and I have taken this performance all over Europe – at erotic fairs and events. I have done this performance in 8 years, and it’s very special and popular. I have von three international prices with my art – in Belgium, France and Italy. I always paint in black and white – never use colours – and the large paintings is for sale on my website.”

Beautiful and creative Symba can be contacted through her website or her modelprofile at ModelMayhem.