Sola Aoi’s Online Diplomacy

There are some tensions between China and Japan over what China calls Diaoyu Islands and Japan calls the Senkaku Islands. Who have the rights over the islands – and the ocean around them? This is a very emotional issue for the two countries, and some unpleasant nationalistic feelings has occurred in both countries.

Now, the Japanese AV actress and model Sora Aoi, also known as Sola Aoi, has given her contribution in the tensed matter. She recently tweted two images from her account on Sina Weibo, Chinese Twitter – where she has over 13 million (!) followers. The first says “Japanese-Chinese Friendship,” with Ms. Aoi commenting in broken Chinese, “I hope there are good relations between we common people…I am [living in] the same world as you. Sad…” The second photo says “Chinese-Japanese Peoples’ Friendship.”

The images from Miss Aoi has been retweeted 120 000 times and received over 130 000 comments (and increasing as we read). As comments flooded in, a wide range of emotion was visible, from those proclaiming their love for Ms. Aoi to those calling her a “Japanese dog.” A majority, however, were negative. Many referred to Japanese war crimes in Nanjing, China, during World War II. Many others took aim at Aoi’s broken Chinese, while a great many noted that her first tweet should not have called for “Japanese-Chinese” friendship–rather, China should have been listed first. Ms. Aoi took the latter commentary to heart, reversing the order in her subsequent tweet after only seven minutes.

It seems as beautiful Sola have stepped into very deep water here. The countries have been stirring the feelings among their own people in a very dangerous way. On the other hand, maybe a few tweets from a sexy AV idol can bring the discussion down to a more sensible level – it wouldn’t surprise anyone if some of the top politicians in China and japan is among Sola Aoi’s followers.

Source: Tea Leef nation