Emmanuelle is dead

Sorry to see that Sylvia Kristel (1952 – 2012) died two days ago of cancer. Only just 60 years old. The Dutch actress symbolized the sexual revolution during the 1970’s through her iconic role figure Emmanuelle. She also struggled with fighting drug addiction and had battled with cancer for several years.

Kristel got sudden fame with her debut movie Emmanuelle in 1974 – 22 years old.  Movie describes the erotic adventures of a European woman in Asia. The movie reached cult status and was shown in a cinema on the Champs-Elysees in Paris for 13 years.

The first Emmanuelle film was seen by at least 350 million people at the cinema, Dutch media reported, saying she lured movie-goers with her “natural erotic attraction” and had made “soft-core pornography acceptable”.

A series of Emmanuelle movies followed, also starring Kristel, with Emmanuelle 2 in 1975, Goodbye Emmanuelle in 1977 and Emmanuelle 4 in 1984. Kristel went on to play in a string of other risqué films including a nudity-filled 1985 portrayal of First World War spy Mata Hari. She also played the old Emmanuelle – looking back to her younger days, in a television series in 1993.

She played roles later in non-erotic movies, but she was obligated by contracts to act in sequels to Emmanuelle. She became type casted to erotic movies, and many of the movie choices she made in the 1980’s; she did to make money to supply her expensive cocaine habit.

Kristel suffered the stroke this year following treatment for throat cancer. She was also suffering from liver cancer. She is survived by a son, Arthur (born 1975), whose father was her former husband, late Belgian author Hugo Claus.