Subway News from Shanghai

On June 20, on Sina Weibo, China’s twitter, Shanghai’s Number 2 Subway Line published a snapshot of a female passenger in a semi-transparent outfit and commented: “If that’s what you wear on a subway, then no wonder you will be sexually harassed! There are too many perverts riding the subway every day, and we can’t catch them all. Girl, you’ve got to respect yourself!”

This message from the Subway Line – together with the “outing” of one of their young female passenger, did receive many heated and outraged comments. The girls outfit isn’t actually common among the Chinese female passengers, but instead of excusing the “harassers” – the Subway line should do more to protect their passengers.

A few days’ later two young women organized a small scale demonstration in a subway station, each wearing a black veil over their face and short skirts, stepped into a crowded subway station with signs that read, “I want my coolness under the sun, but not the pervert in the subway,” and “I can reveal myself, and you cannot bother me.”

And now, the debate heated up even more – many turned against these two women, with arguments like; “We can always get rid of perverts through law or moral regulation, but you can’t ask everyone to pretend to ignore you when you wear really revealing clothes!”

I say, let the women dress as they like and don’t harass them, on the other hand, don’t expect me to not to take a look at you – wearing that sexy outfit.

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