Sweden 1967

I found this old article in the archives of the Norwegian newspaper VG from February 2, 1967. It is an article about the big appetite for pornography and erotica in Sweden. In those days – and also for many years to come – Norway was the little brother to Sweden, and got easily impressed and shocked by the liberal approach to sex on the other side of the border.

The article describes a new way of living for the bored housewives. They can make a NOK 100 per hour to pose naked for photographers on house call.  And 100 Norwegian kroner in 1967, was a decent payment per hour. The ads in Swedish newspapers were many – both from models seeking photographers – and the other way around. It was on the limit what was legal at the time. Spreading of pornographic material and that infringe the sexual moral was prohibited. The models however had nothing to fear from the law. They were entitled to do anything in their own home, but the photographer could get in trouble, if he sells photos considered as illegal.

Another popular way of making money in Sweden in 1967 was to become an erotic writer. The publisher was advertising after writers, and they could make up to 2500 kroner per month. The publishers had just started to break the barrier and send out a new and more daring literature on the market. And this was very popular among the people.

It is kind of cute to read articles from the 1960s today, when the internet has an overflow of erotic and pornographic photos, movies and writing. On the other hand – there are still a lot of taboo’s and disdain in the society against erotic art. We haven’t changed too much since 1967 – up here in the north.  

Facsimilie VG 1967