Dae Daniels

This is the gorgeous Dae Daniels – 24 years old – from Los Angeles, California. Dae tells us that she has been modelling since her childhood and she is still totally passionate about it. Dae is a very nice girl – she is never a diva (unless that is the concept i the shooting). She is very professional about her job.

Dae is a comedian, and if she ain’t making you laugh, she certainly makes herself laug. She is drug free and always very serious and prepared at  work. And, she is very bendy … you can all see that on her portifolio. See more of Dae at her modelprofile here.

Photos: Pantyhose Lane (01, 02, 13), Sheldon Cohen (03, 05), Okie Studios (04), Holix (08, 11), Jim Baeza (09), Lester Ng (10).