Tingting Sung

Meet the beautiful and sweet Tingting Sung. Ting was born in Taiwan in 1983. Currently she lives in Brussels, but most of the time she spends in Paris where she works as a model. She started her interesting, but at the same time very demanding career seven years ago. Starting from the Taiwan University of Arts, where she attended drawing courses, she was learning to do sketches of models sometimes also in erotic genre. Those models were of different age, positions and backgrounds. Ting often asked herself “Why are they doing it? What makes them to do that?”. She just admired their courage. As it appeared later, this curiosity was the first step of the ideda to become an erotic model.

After her successful graduation from the Taiwan Art University she moved to Europe and for the first time she was offered to pose in erotic photosession. That was her start in a brilliant carrier as a model of that genre. When I asked Ting why she likes to do erotic photos, at the beginning she didn’t know how to explain it. But later on she explained that she enjoys all aspects of the process starting from interaction between a photographer and her finishing by understanding each other’s intentions about the project. But most of all she admirers to see people’s reaction. In both erotic and fetish photography she thinks that the photos should do more than reveal the nakedness of the body, but should trigger the imagination and desire. She likes people to discover things about themselves while looking at her photos.
Ting has taken a lot of self-portraits and, in my opinion, these photos show her creativity and an artist in her in a best way. Her photos are playful, erotical and humorous. She likes to show her personality and represent the whole story behind an image. Ting is clear that she doesn’t do porn, but she prefers artistic erotic photography. She has never regretted her choice of career. It has given her an opportunity to work all around the world – working with many great artists. And she is grateful to those who have inspired her to see photography in so many different ways.

Tings places on the web: Website  and Model Mayhem  Source: Tingting Sung / Interview Hotvideo.fr

Photo Credits: Fotoman, David Bellemere,Thyl, VincZ with ModelDK, Pixelles , Jean Poisson, Berenice V and frederic fontenoy, Gurzeh Tah, Patrice Delmotte , Frederique Pottier, Gary Houng.