Death of a Model – Part II

Here is another sad story about a young models tragedy. In Quezon City, Philippines Julie Ann Rodelas (20) was found killed and dumped in the street from a car. The beautiful model and Television talent was shot dead and just left in the street like garbage.

But this time the Quezon City Police was effective and quickly solve the case. Rodelas was reported dragged into a car and kidnapped past midnight on November 6. The report to the police came from her model friend Althea Altamirano. But Altamirano talked herself straight into the case, and the police had already closed in on Fernando Quiambao Jr., after he was identified as the person seen on a surveillance video buying burger at a fast food restaurant in Ermita, Manila. Quimbao Jr. was also identified as Altamiranos boyfriend.

Later the police identified the car that was used in the abduction and the murder from eyewitnesses. The car was registered to Quiambao’s mother. Quimbao told the police of the involvement from a group of criminals in Culiat, Quezon City. During the action against this group, two more persons was arrested and one shot dead by the police.

When Althea Altamirano got arrested she revealed an almost unbelievable story, that had led to the brutal and totally despicable murder of Julie Ann. Althea told the police that she planned the abduction of Julie Ann, so her boyfriend and his companions could beat her up and teach her a lesson. Altamirano, 23, was angry at Rodelas for reportedly telling their friends she had two children (which she has confirmed is true). Althea wept that she never has thought that they would kill her.

There is still a question on why Julie Ann had to die. Did something went terribly wrong, or maybe Altamirano and Quiambo Jr. had underestimated the brutality of their hired hands in this crime? Or maybe the plan was to kill her all the time?

Julie Ann was laid to rest on Saturday (November 17) in Las Piñas City amid continuing outrage over her murder. At the burial, Rodelas’ mother Luz turned steely when asked by reporters about her daughter’s friend Althea Altamirano—one of the alleged masterminds of the murder. “Perhaps she (Altamirano) is happy now after getting what she wanted for my daughter. But something painful awaits her in jail,” Luz said in Filipino.

Source: PhilStar.Com