Keighley is a 26 years old beauty from Galway, Ireland. She is studying biopharmeceutical science in Galway, and sees part time modeling as a nice and interestnig way to earn some money. Keighley loves to study the photos when they are finished, and she amazed on how pretty she can look – when she’s captured in the right light and pose. Personally, I think Keighley probably looks pretty all the time. She has some experience the last years with some modeling in Australian and Ireland – but she is open for more. Visit Keighleys model profile here – and see more of this beautiful girl and maybe you like to contact her for a shoot.

Photos: DeLux Visuals (01, 02), John Gallagher (03, 04, 05, 06)

keighley01 keighley02 keighley03 keighley04 keighley05 keighley06