Erika Lemay

I stumbled across this beautiful artist a few days ago, when I was watching an episode the Norwegian TV series The Half Brother. She appeared in a short sequence as a “Chocolate Girl” and as an aerial acrobat. Although the sequence was short, you couldn’t avoid notice this sensual and elegant artist.

Erika Lemay is her name and she is Canadian from Quebec. She is a spectacular aerialist, and she try to express poetry in motion, with her limitless contortionism, strength and sensibility. Her charisma on stage, her artistry and acrobatic level, makes her today, one of the most revered artists around the world. She is based in Milan, Italy and in her home city Quebec in Canada.

You can see more of Erika at her website

Photos: Fabio De Angelis (03), Douglas Kirkland (04 – 08, 014), Ingo Hoehn (010, 015, 016), Andrea Giachi (017, 018), Parish Kohanim (019, 020)