Bettina Scarlett

Bettina Scarlett is a 1950’s inspired Pin Up model based in London. She is also a free-lance stylist and events coordinator. Beautiful Bettina is not a full time model, and tells me that she work in two jobs and the modeling is for now a hobby. She hopes to find more time for the modeling and performance in the future. Besides work and modeling she is also a writer of fashion articles for UK ROCK, blogger, university student and a stylist on the side.

See more of this exciting and creative model at her website here.

Photos: Dominic Fenn (01, 02), Gavin Morris (03, 04), Rebel and Romance Budoir Photography (05, 06, 07), Terry Mendoza (08, 09), Bud Goldstein Banning (010, 011, 012)