Here is a sensual and beautiful model from Manila, Philippines. Iane Bueno is 24 years old, and she has been doing freelance modeling for 2 years. I let Iane describe herself:

“I have worked with both local and foreign photographers. It’s more than a job for me, this is one of the things i love doing– I like to meet people who could build my confidence and bring out the different person in me, on cam. You can be anything you want!

I also have a passion for adventure. I love travelling and I have a mantra that every year I will go to a place that I haven’t visited yet, the beaches and the outdoor life. Another kind of fun and adventure I’m into – is playing airsoft – military simulation war games. ”

You can see more of Iane at her model sites at Model Mayhem and 500px

Photos: 1 to 4 (Andy Astflack) , 5 (Rom Ji) , 6 (Joseph Henry Gadista) , 7 (Rom Ji) , 8 (Reiner Domingo) ,
9 (Jhovs Medico) , 10 (Jhovs Medico) , 11 (Andy Astflack) , 12 (Rom Ji) , 13 (Karel Buts)