Laura Perso

Meet Laura Perso, a beautiful Indonesian model – now living in France. Laura is a full time professional model, and she works with photographers all over Europe. I think Laura has a lot of wonderful and creative photos, and her portifolio is worth to check out. Asian beauty and sensuality  together with French elegance and class. It has to be great! See more of Laura or contact her for photo shoots at her webpages here and here.

Photo credits: DC Doussin (02), Carlos (03, 04), Mick Image (05), Johnny (06), Philippe (07, 08), Gerard (011)


laura15 laura01 laura02 laura03 laura04 laura05 laura06 laura07 laura08 laura09 laura10 laura011 laura12 laura13 laura14

laura_perso01  laura_perso03 laura_perso04 laura_perso05 laura_perso06 laura_perso07 laura_perso08 laura_perso09 laura_perso10   laura_perso13  laura_perso15 laura_perso16 laura_perso17 laura_perso18 laura_perso19  laura_perso21