Meet beautiful and exotic ModelDK or Danika Flores from Cebu, Philippines. Danika is 27 years old, and she is based in Paris and in the Netherlands. Danika is a full time professional model (since 2008), and she is very experienced in glamour, art and nude. She is an international model, and has been working in many countries in Asia, Europe and USA. She can be contacted through her profile at ModelMayhem or through her fan site on Facebook.

DGO Photography (01), Simon Bolz (02, 03), Ketoke (04), JMR (05), Gurzeh Tah (06), Thomas Walldèn (07, 08),  Andreas Bitesnich (09), Armando (10), Ralf/Pixograf (11), Steve (12), Martin Wieland (13), ParisPortifolios (14), Scorpio 45 (15), Bewusstunscharf 2009 (16)