Hibiki – A Japanese Domina

Here is a fascinating and beautiful woman from Japan. Hibiki is a Japanese Domina from Nagoya. She is well known in Japan for being a central figure in the S/M sub culture, and she runs the Club Absolute domination studio. She has trained and developed several dominatrixes through her studio. She also runs the H-Bar performance space. Her performances and skills as an rope artist and mistress, has taken her to events all over the world. Hibiki tells me that she loves to travel – abroad and in Japan.

Hibiki started with S/M when she was 20 years old. She was introduced to it by an ex boyfriend, and she found ultimate love there at once. She thinks there are differnces between the S/M in Japan compared to the European and American culture. She describes the Japanese S/M is the shame of the aesthetics, and the S/M in Europe is the punishment of aesthetics.

The rope technique she learned from Kanna(神凧). “He is a one of the pupils of the famous rope artist Denki Akechi (伝鬼 明智)whom I admire.”

Her own special passion in S/M is parts where she looks at the slaves ecstasy and fear in a latex costume. She also loves to use the whip.

If you like to see more of this exciting and sensual Japanese Domina, check her websites at Facebook and at her official homepage hibikism.com

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