The research for TBL4 is in the bag

I usually never reblog – but Annie is a funny girl and I like to share her stories with you …


sleeping bag

I’m putting together a scene for TBL4 – Chilled Out, where pairs of characters have to spend extended time huddling together in single-sized sleeping bags.

The characters will be mixed pairs of boys and girls who need to share their body warmth. Very, very immoral behaviour – and a problem for me, as I’ve never actually shared a sleeping bag with anyone, so I didn’t know if it would be possible for two people to squeeze into one, never mind getting up to mischief as well.

So I called a buddy who hill-walks a lot to see if he and his girlfriend would be up for a bit of posing. His girlfriend answered his phone, but she seemed quite taken by the idea and invited me round. That would be fine, I thought. They can slip in together and I can ask them to adopt a few sexy positions and…

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