ChaosModel Jen

This is Jennipher from Sweden. She goes under the artist name ChaosModel . Beautiful Jen Chaos has a lot of projects going. “In addition to my modeling I am also founder and manager of ChaosModels Agency (international model agency) . I also work as a free-lance dancer, photographer, graphical designer and web-designer. The last 6 years I have collaborated with FriedRice – Asian events and parties (the largest Asian/Scandinavian community) and recently I gained a position as the main responsible for the “fashion section” at Fifth Element Asian Nightclub (they call me “The Swedish Queen of Asia”).”

Jen has always focused her modeling on alternative high fashion, Asian street-fashion, fetish and sometimes fetish/alternative with a cultural Asian twist. “I try to be creative and come up with both provocative and original ideas (which are NOT simple to say the least). “ She prefers Latex fetish, provocative artistic fashion or alternative/Asian high fashion.

Jen have so far been most active in Sweden of course, but she has lived and worked a lot in Asia, mainly China, Japan and the Philippines (every summer for a few years). Lately she has also started accepting assignments in Europe (Germany, France, and England etc.)

You can check more about Jen Chaos at her official Facebook page.

Photos: Helsingphoto (01, 12), Helsingphoto Kingen (02), Martin Tzr Niklasson (03), Qiu Shui (04), Rebecka Bregvall (05), Ryuichi Ai (ShangHai) (06), Alf Andersen (07), Selfportrait (08), Elle Kenous (09), Alessandro Carlini (10, 11),