Loki Taiwan

Meet the young and talented artist Loki from Taiwan. Loki is an erotic figurative artist. She lives in one of those big Asian cities, with far too many people. She loves dogs and really hairy caterpillars.

Loki says that her work always begin with an idea of sexuality. “From there I tend to hint at themes of alienation, distance and misunderstandings. My technique is always developing; I’m trying to capture something essential and out of reach, something to the left of realism.”

Loki is very influenced by classical Western art. “Right now I’m mostly doing digital work although I use traditional media also. I prefer to paint early in the morning because I believe people’s dreams are still trapped in the stones of their apartments at that time of day.”

You can see more of Loki’s art, follow her new projects and chat with her at her Facebook page here.