The Kommodore …

Meet this gorgeous model and cosplayer from Ilo Ilo City in the Philippines.

She goes by the cosplayer/SM (site model) character name The Kommodore Sweet-toothed Karnivore. She is 24 years old and a mother of one son. She is mostly into Goth style of modeling, but she also like to try out other things and suggestions from serious photographers.

As for cosplay, she usually goes for the creepy, macabre, silent but deadly types and other characters that actually suit her body type.

She models for various cosplayer sites like Winterlust Sitemodeling, Gore Site Modeling, Thunder Storm Modeling and Shattered Vexation. She also model for a new alternative fashion magazine called Obscene Desire.

See more at her Facebook page here: The Kommodore Sweet-Toothed Karnivore and at her Cosplay Team Page. She is also to see in these pages:,, and Ilo Ilo Cyber Industrial Goth.

All photos by: Norman Posecion