PiediWeb and Petra


We manage to get some insight in the Italian foot fetish sites network Piediweb.com and met one of their beautiful models Petra.

Piediweb is the mother site of this network of different websites in this topic. The founder of Piediweb says that he started these sites together with a friend, because they always dreamed of put their passion for feet into something more serious. In 2008 the decided to try and shoot their own content and open the first site.

They already knew the niche well, and knew that they had to make several sites so the content didn’t become to general. They try to cover every aspects this fetish. They added a few more sites like PiediVelati (feet in nylon), PiediDaFavola (cosplay) and the ball were running. Now they have a dozen different websites. Some of them are very specific – like red nail polish, ballet flats shoes, black pantyhose.

They also have a shop where their customers can by items worn by the models or order a custom video, where they thoroughly follow the script sent in by the customer.

The passion for feet is quite huge in Italy, but there are no other site networks like PiediWeb yet. There are loads of sites but most of them are made of enthusiasts that share amateur photos and videos. “You won’t find many professional photos or videos made in Italy, even if i know there are a few of them.” He thinks that one of the reasons that this fetish is huge in Italy, might have something to do with their historical skills in fashion, especially regarding shoes and hosiery.

I mentioned their beautiful selection of models, and he tells me that they never use any professional agency to find them, and they looking for the non-professional models. “Of course most of our girls already did some photography jobs here and there (as many girls these days) but none of them has ever worked online or for an adult site. That’s where the selection process gets difficult: you need to be very clear on what the job is about and where those photos and videos will end up. It happens quite often to get a “no” as an answer after we explain what this is about, but that’s the risk you take when you look for models with no experience online.”

Thanks to the founder of Piediweb for interesting insight in the story behind their impressing online business, and their own passion for their creative work.

Petra – one of their beautiful models – was also kind enough to answer a few questions.

Petra is Italian – from Tuscany with southern roots. She is 19 years old and a fashion student. She has a passion for fashion, so she should be on the right track. Her dream is to become a fashion designer.

Petra tells me that in her free time she does sports of any kind: jogging, swimming, dancing and more. Sport is another huge passion for her. She is a very sociable girl, cheerful and very positive – and she love shopping and watching movies! Sounds like a pretty normal and healthy 19 years old to me. She says that she can also be very vain and stubborn.

She had her passion for modeling since her childhood, and she started to pose as a model at the age of 14. So she has already made a great deal of experience in the field. She considers herself as a pretty good model, easy to work with and experienced.

Petra models in various genres like portrait, glamour, lingerie, makeup, hair modeling and more. Her modeling includes all genres, or nearly so. She absolutely don’t pose totally nude or topless, but she is interested in many different things.

About modeling for PiediWeb she says; “I became a foot fetish model only by chance. I was contacted and I said to myself: ‘Why not?’ It ‘s what I like doing, I love everything about me, including my feet, that’s why shooting some pictures and videos entirely dedicated to them is something I’m totally excited about!”

Petra wraps it up and says; “I love to keep up with the fashion trends and take good care of my body in every way. Being a woman means do all those things! 😉 . And one more thing: Follow me on my blog – petrafeet.com – and you’ll know me better! ;)) Kisses and see you soon!

Thanks to the beautiful and cute Petra. Visit also www.piediweb.com and petrafeet.com to see more tasteful and sensual photos and videos from Italy.