Last Tango


I came across these beautiful photos of a Russian photographer who goes by the artist name Sean Archer (a character name from the movie Face Off). His real name is Stanislav Puchovsky, and he say that he used the artist name in the start, because he wasn’t sure about the quality of the photos he made.

He can surely use his real name, because his photos have a lot of quality, although he doesn’t use much studio equipment and his camera gear is very moderate.  “You can do a lot without any expensive equipment” he says.

These photos are with the beautiful model Nadya. Both – the photographer and the model – comes from the Russian city Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), east of the Ural Mountains and the hometown of Boris Jeltsin.

There are more references to the movies here. The photos of Nadya are titled “Last Tango in Paris”. I asked Stanislav if he was influenced by the movie, and he say that he is influenced a little from the movie. He doesn’t remember the details in the movie so well, but he like the title and the atmosphere of the 1970’s.

His photos have been discovered online and have made their way to various magazines and websites. He has been on a Professional Level for the last half year, and I think he has come a long way.


Photo from the original “Last Tango in Paris” with the late and beautiful Maria Schneider. The movie is from 1972 with Marlon Brando as the male lead role. Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

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