Dechire-moi Artwork

Meet Dechire from Paris, France:

« Déchire-moi si tu veux, mes yeux te trouvent dans la nuit, brulés de fièvre… » (Georges Bataille)

A project of self-portraits since 2006.

– My image is unstable, my reflection is transformed . The inevitable destruction of the ego rebuilt me another .

– But I need you. The you – viewer allowing my picture to exist, to tell me in the infinite multiplicity of the possible. Beyond any individual narcissism , the creative act is two , or more .

– Here is my body, the feeling of unity in the flesh, I’m looking inside.

– The body is naked, but he dresses materials . Return to the origins , back to creation elements , flesh with water, opaque and transparent fabrics sails over my body. Because I am and I turn the universe lives in me .

– Intimacy becomes public, the challenge now exposed , my life is in your eyes.

– The photo itself is life in the moment, the density of meaning . This is the right moment , this moment , and only one.

– Reflection blur , the picture is disturbed opaque. The whirlwind of emotions stealth reveals only fragments of his being.


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