When Did They Stop Looking

I often wonder when I did become invisible. It did happen sometime in my late 30s I think. When I became one of the invisible people on the street, that no one take notice of anymore. There are some advantages about it. I can take a good look at a beautiful girl I meet on the street, without get the angry look back for staring. She looks right through me and doesn’t see me anyway.

But there is a sad fact about this. I’m getting older and I turn into the anonymous mass that no one sees, no one cares and if I disappear – no one notice. I remember for not so many years ago I could meet beautiful girls on the street, give them a look and get some interest back. Maybe even a smile.

Well, I still get a smile from girls and women on the street occasionally. Certainly not as often as in younger years, but it happens. I’m an open person and usually have a smile to people, and it always nice to get one back.
The young people should appreciate and enjoy their youth and beauty. It is their privilege. It will fade and the 20’s are passing very quickly. Suddenly you are in your 30s and starting to worry about all the things you feel you should have done. If you closing in to your 40’s and still haven’t got there, there is a big chance that you never will. But things usually work out. At 40 – you probably have a husband and children – and then you sit an wonder if isn’t more than this … No, that is a bit too cynical – family is a good thing, but never stop looking and have an open mind for some fun.


Some day you will be one of the invisible, and it comes sooner then you know. Even movie stars experience this. Robert De Niro said in a recent interview: It’s interesting when you walk down the street and you see younger people and they ignore you – their peripheral vision sees that you’re one or two generations older than they are, so they’re not interested,” he said. “Otherwise, the grey hair you become a part of another class of person.”
De Niro is a generation older than me, but I see his point, and notice the same experience. I’m sure he often has the same thought that I have – when the hell did the beautiful girls stop looking.