Jackie Ferm

This is the beautiful Swedish blogger Jackie Ferm – you can find her blog here finest.se/Jackieferm – a girl with a special life story. Jackie is the daughter of Swedens most notorious and famous criminal Lars Inge Svartebrandt, whos has spent over 40 years in prison for robberies, violent crimes and prison escapes.

Jackie has lived her life in the shadows of her famous father and media have also been around her and the rest of the family most of her life. She has a tough childhood- and youth history, and she lived in foster care for several years. She became even more famous in Sweden in 2010, when she won the Swedish version of Paradise Hotel.

Jackie has together with Ola Brisling written a book about her dramatic life, and “Rövardotter” came out earlier this year.

Jackie is a beautiful girl with an interesting story. I thought she was worth a post in here.