Suzana the dancer

I’m very fond of the aesthetic and sensuality of a dancer. Beautiful Suzana Stankovic is a New York dancer, actress, director and choreographer. She is a true artist, and her performance is some of the most sensual and amazing acts I’ve ever seen. Real talent will always rise to the surface among the mediocrities. I think Suzana have that true talent that stand out in the crowd of artists.

Suzana describes herself as a fearless artist who craves the edge. She has danced along Tony Award winners and in classical ballet. And she also stars in independent films, plays and music videos. Her great talent is wanted – both in teaching and performing.

In 2003 she formed her own The Stanković Ballet Company – a New York based non-profit organization whose mission is to create and present bold dance-theater works that speak to our shared humanity.

Suzana is a regular contributor to the Experts Column of Backstage, the premiere and most trusted source for performing artists since 1960. She shares tips, advice and lessons learned from her years as an independent dance-theatre artist

Here is an amazing dance act called Ne Me Quitte Pas or Don’t Leave Me:

Suzana loves acting and dancing and she is formally trained in both genres. And above all she is an independent artist with a voice and vision of her own. In all she does, Suzana strives to inspire individuals to look within and live full out.
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