Seung-ah Yoon

Another Korean cutie for to day. Here is Seung-ah Yoon, 30 years old, and a very beautiful actress and model. A real poster girl for the Korean Magazines, but there is more to her than that. I watched her in the 2010 Horror/Action Movie “I Saw The Devil” – and here we see her both as a spooky psychotic person and give a lot of herself in a sensual sex scene With the legendary Min-sik Choi (se Clip under) – he is amazing in this movie. As always in Korean Movies, there are action and blood – and the Girls are either innoccent victims or higly Dangerous – always sexy.

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Not always that innoccent and cute – here is a very sexy scene With Seung-ah Yoon from the Movie “I saw the devil” If you can’t see the Clip – og directly to Daily Motion here.