Meet the young, beautiful and talented art-nude photographer Sophirat from Thailand. It isn’t so often we see female photographers within these genres, but here is an artist to look up for.



Sophirat (31 this year) is a self-taught photographer since 2007 and until today. She started as a freelancer when she was a student in Munich in 2010. Her favorite type of photography is an artistic-nude – preferably outdoors – but also in studio.

Sophirat have already had several exhibitions “Hallowen street art party” -nude art (2013), Joined Photo exhibition , Photo Fair Thailand (2013) and “all about nude” Photo Exhibition (2014). All these held in Bangkok.  She also came out with a photo book in 2013 “Being Nude is natural”.

She also held workshops for wannabe photographers in Bangkok. She hopes that she can move people in Thailand in opinions and stereotypes, and give them more understanding and open minds about the nude art.

This is one of her mantras. To make an impact on the society in the conservative Thailand that this art form isn’t a terrible thing. It is natural and beautiful.

Her photos have often elements of fetish and BDSM. “I actually interesting about fetish& BDSM. I think it´s about personal taste. I know some people who like it and so do I. But in Thailand most people think they´re abnormal or weird. Well, I want to use my art to link between these people and the others. I want to show them and tell them it´s beautiful thing. I do use photography skill / lighting / composition / posing & so on to make it to be an artistic work. Just to have a different taste from other people, doesn´t mean that it´s wrong thing,” Sophirat tells me.

She always needs inspiration before shooting. She often gets inspiration from philosophy, and she tries to use that and express it through her work.

Sophirat use to be a model herself a short period, before she found out that she liked it better behind the camera. But she sometimes takes some self-portraits, when she is in the mood for it – and of course – when the lights and shadows are perfect.

I think we have a lot more exciting art to come in the next years from Sophirat. Talent will always make its way through, and Sophira beautiful art deserves to be seen and acknowledged.

Sources: Sophirat (herself), Sophirat Photography, Sophirat on Youtube, Sophirat on FB

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