Agnes from Garbledville

Over to Europe and Poland. This is the gorgeous professional model and stylist Agnes of Garbledville. Agnes comes from Poznan and she is a very creative and talented artist. She has been modeling since 2011 and interested in alternative modeling like gothic, burlesque and horror/macabre. She is open for other interesting projects too.

See more of Agnes at her Facebook Page, Model Profile amd her Devian Art

Piotr Z (01,11), Tomasz Ch (02), Tomasz K (03, 12), Julia K (04, 14),Mateusz L (05 with Olga Blair), Ewa K (06), Zbigniew R (07), Sebastian S (08), Arkadiusz K. (09, 10), Marcin Glabus (15), Magdalena Owczarczak (16 with Adrianna Ginter), Andrzej Juja Photography (17), Anna Błaszczyńska (18), Incendivm (19), Norbert Machi (20).