Beffy G

We start 2015 with a beautiful British girl. This is Beffy G, 19 years old and from Birmingham, UK. Beffy is a part time model beside her real job, with a couple of years of experience. Beffy describes herself as a friendly girl and easy to work with. She is a fashion and beauty model today, and is open for projects in this genres. You can see more this amazingly beautiful girl at her model site here.


Jack Russel (01, 15, 16), Biff Snr Photography (02, 05, 06), David Ballard (03, 04, 13), Alistair Cowin (07), Nathan Peplow (08), Lizzie Bayliss (09, 11), Glenn Cockerill (10), Van Eyke (12), Chris Sinn Photography (14)