Rope and Binding – Denmark

Social Media have made the connections between the BDSM communities around the world easier. Sometimes they almost look like a big family, and it is interesting to see their exchanging of ideas and visiting each other’s events.

I just have to admit that I don’t know so much about this. I have been in contact with people in the communities, and they are overall friendly and nice, and try patiently to explain their passion for an outsider.

We thought it could be exciting to check out these communities around the world, and we start in our own neighborhood. Kinbaku Lounge in Copenhagen (Denmark) is a community with events and workshops in the art of Shibari and Kinbaku. Their vision is to create events and athmosphere for people with the passion or curiosity for binding and using ropes – together with other with the same passion. This take place in the lounge in a safe and nice enviroment, and together with the experienced and very nice hosts Scot and Namarie.

I think this looks like a great place for any newbies to start learning about Shibari and Kinbaku – and the sensual art of binding in so many ways.

To learn more og get in touch with Scot and Namarie – visit their websites and

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