Pantyhose Season


After a long winter with thick layers of clothing to keep warm, spring has finally come here. That means women facilitates outfit, but since it is rarely very hot at this time year here, so come finally tights forward.

Women here do not have the same sense of wearing socks and tights on the sensual and of course the way I look south in Europe and Asia, but I see change here too. Younger women are more eager to use the nylon, and pantyhose in various colors and patterns are more common to see among the Young.

There is a lot nicer to see an elegant woman show her legs in nylon stockings, rather than using the usual jeans or other pants, when they are exploring the city or at the office.

Ok, maybe I’m born in the wrong time, and should have been living in the Mad Men periode in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but still – it is a joy to see a elegant dressed woman who dare to show her legs, and can handle some attention from us admirers – without freaking out about it.

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