The Wild Mink

«I am colorful, straight-talking and shameless, welcome to my world!»

This is the introduction to the beautiful and exciting Norwegian blogger Villminken – The Wild Mink. She writes directly and straight forward about various topics – such as feminism, sex, fashion, interior design and more. In addition to her well written and funny articles, she gives us sensual and funny selfies. She is her own model. She has tried out as a model before, but feels that she creates her own art by making creative selfies to her articles.

She has not been online for along time, but the blog is already discovered and enjoyed by many fans and supporters. Of course, there are some people provoked by the adventurous and beautiful blogger.

Visit the blog here on – if you don’t understand the language, just enjoy her many exciting images. Maybe we’l see more of the sensual and cheeky Wild Mink in here again soon.

Visit: villminken

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