Victoria from Siberia

I have always heard about the freezing winds and cold weather in Siberia. In literature and movies there has always been something wild, cold and dangerous about the people and nature there. I guess the nature is really tough and cold in Siberia, but after meeting beautiful Victoria Smolina from Novosibirsk (by the river Ob, South-West in the Siberia), I think we have to consider our opinion about the people.

Victoria – now living in Moscow – showing us that Siberians can have fun, no matter how cold the winter is. In this photo shoot by Ekaterina Marinina she playing around in the cold snow by the banks of Ob river, just wearing a red bikini and a pair of boots. 27 years old Victoria tells the Siberian Times that she has getting used to the cold temperature for several years. And there is a health message in this. Victoria advocates the positive health impact she gets by staying outside in cold weather, and make her body tolerate the frost. She recommends it for anyone who like to make their lifestyle more healthier and live more healthy.

Victoria shows us that the stereotypes about the wild Siberians isn’t quite as we Westerners think, and what a beautiful and fresh Siberian she is. She is educated as an economists and a director, and she works in various creative organizations – most of them dedicated to children. She is beautiful, healthy and very civilized representative for the people in Siberia.

Sources: Victora Smolina, Siberian Times                Photos: Ekaterina Marinina

By the way: Did you know that Novosibirsk is Russias third most popoulous city with 1,5 mill inhabitants (only Moscow and St Petersburg is larger)? I didn’t know.

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