Lucy Wolf Queen

Meet the gorgeous Mexican model and performer Lucy Wolf Queen. Lucy is an artist and performer in erotic shows with fire, burlesque and bdsm. On the daytime she holds an ordinary office job and she is also a part time student, but some evenings she turns into the artist Lucy Wolf Queen. She started out in a theater company before another girl invited her to make a performance. The modeling followed the performances, and she is a part of growing underground scene in Mexico. See more of this beautiful girl at her Facebook page and Blog.

Photos: Orbis (1, 2, 5, 16 ), Rikardo Talavera (3), Hector Alvarez (4, 8), Diablillo Saenz (6, 7), Anton Barrera (9, 15), Fotoimágenes Vivas (10), Editorial Morvoz (11), Pablo Bravo Ruiseco (14)