Agent A

It’s always great to discover real talent – combined with beauty. This French girl living in the US has these qualities and more. She is definately a beautiful model, and she arrange and take some amazing sensual photos.

Agena A is based in the Bay Area in California, and she is a professional full time model. She looks so natural and sexy in front of the camera, posing in different outfits and locations – using her surroundings in her creative art. Often in gorgeous pantyhose or vintage stockings, showing her perfect legs and feet in series of tasteful photos.

This is a model who use her talent to make her art in different ways and styles – but always sensual and exciting. She has also published a fetish edition art book.

If you like to see more of Agent A – visit her website on Facebook or at profile on Devian Art – I know I will visit to look for more from this beautiful and talented artist.


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