The Feminist Pornographer

I had the pleasure of discovering the erotic empire of Erika Lust recently. It is certainly a pornographic production company, but it is more than that. The approach to the erotica is based with a clear feminist and human rights profile. With an intention is to make the pornography in an educational way to help the viewers better to understand their sexuality – and live more free and natural. Maybe also change the seedy reputation of the porn industry, and show that this can be done with more depth and quality.

Erika graduated with a BA in her home country Sweden, before she moved to Barcelona in 2000. Here she took evening courses in filmmaking and shoot her first film in 2004 – The Good Girl – released for fre on the internet and downloaded over 2 million tines the first month. The movie was awarded at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival the next year.

In 2005 she founded Lust Films, and the company have produced movies since then. The Lust empire has grown with an online Cinema (Lust Cinema) showing her own films, and also films of other authors that fit in with the Lust philosophy of erotic movies.

The latest Lust website is XConfessions, where the interacting with the increasing numbers of members is important. The members can send in their erotic fantasy or true confessions, and the they are published on the site. Some of the confessions will be turn in short films by Erika Lust, her crew and her beautiful actors. It is a great idea, and is certainly an excitement for contributors to see if their confession will be picked out and filmed. If you sometimes feel like watching some quality and thoughtful erotica – Erika Lust is a great place to start. I don’t think you have seen erotica made like this before.

Source: Erica LustXConfessionsWikipedia

Photos: Screen Shots from XConfession short movies